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One Company. Two Worldwide Industry Leaders. 

There has never been a more exciting time to be in the lottery business. More than ever, our business is rapidly shaped by new influences – technology and player expectations are at the center of this evolution. Lotteries are now challenged to engage with a consumer base whose expectations are molded by digital advancements that deliver on the promise of a better customer experience, immediate accessibility and, of course, more fun! That’s where we come in.

In this new, digitally-influenced world of lottery, it takes a collaborative culture of creativity to succeed. Recognizing the opportunity to introduce innovative products and services to the North American market, Pollard Banknote and NeoGames established NeoPollard Interactive (NPi), an independent joint venture backed by decades of online and offline lottery gaming experience.

NPi is designed to be flexible and responsive to the rapidly evolving internet lottery space. Our player-focused approach extends across our comprehensive suite of iLottery services and is deep-rooted in our best-in-class technology.

It takes a combination of marketing expertise, extensive lottery experience, technological leadership, consultative methodology and focus on serving lotteries – that’s NPi, the trusted and proven partner lotteries rely on to build the best gaming experiences for your players across all channels in order to sustain business success.

About Pollard Banknote

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One of the most respected companies in the lottery industry, Pollard Banknote has earned a strong reputation for driving innovation within the industry, generating sustained sales growth for its clients. As a result, Pollard Banknote boasts a customer base in excess of 50 lotteries worldwide. The company’s expertise extends to nearly every aspect of the lottery ecosystem.The company has developed the industry’s most groundbreaking, bestselling instant ticket games to the industry, and has invested in technology-enabled products and services that bridge the gap between brick-and-mortar retail and iLottery. Affectionately known as the Space Between™, these offerings comprise industry-best solutions in the areas of player loyalty, interactive gaming, and mobile—including the wildly successful Cashword app. Together, they have helped several lotteries move towards adopting an Omnichannel approach to expanding their player bases.

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About NeoGames

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Created at the advent of the internet lottery market, NeoGames is a leading global provider of iLottery software and services. For over a decade, the company has provided customers with complete iLottery solutions, including a comprehensive technology platform, a complete set of player operational services, and the widest portfolio of market-proven games spanning all digital channels. NeoGames’ flexibility and experience enables the company to tailor its solutions to best suit its customers, helping them generate significant revenues from their interactive offerings.

NeoGames’ experience as a global operator of over 20 iLottery portals in regulated markets means that its ability to ensure responsible gaming is second to none, and its player acquisition and retention strategies—employing a robust approach to data mining and CRM—are the most effective in the industry.

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NeoPollard Leadership Team

Colin Hadden

Vice President and General Manager

Michael Cummings

Director Player Support Operations

Alan Germain

Vice President of Customer Success

Jessica Powell

Senior Director of Player Marketing

Angie Richardson

Human Resources Director

Sidney Sabbag

Director Product and Solutions

Jay Whitmore

IT Security Director