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The Omnichannel Advantage. What are the hallmarks of a great lottery? One that provides the greatest level of accessibility and entertainment to the greatest number of potential players, through the greatest possible number of appropriate avenues while delivering an outstanding user experience at all points of contact. An optimized lottery also enables players to move seamlessly and effortlessly between channels, ensuring high levels of consistency for a player experience that exceeds expectations.

This optimized environment is precisely what NPi delivers with our iLottery 360° Solution: A compelling, contiguous integrated player experience which leverages all possible touch points between brand and player, and which generates value throughout the entirety of the lottery network.

Our background at NPi is the realization of Omnichannel – bringing together a leader and innovator in retail and hybrid lottery products, Pollard Banknote, with the unmatched iLottery expertise of NeoGames. This combined experience has led to the focus of our iLottery 360° Solution: the player. NPi is committed to providing innovative Omnichannel capabilities that link the player to both retail and digital. Some of our work in this space includes integrations that enable:

  • eWallet Funding at POS
  • eWallet Cashout at POS
  • eWallet to Make Retail Purchases
  • Online-Offline Cross-Promotion
NPi helps you reach a new Generation of iLottery Players

The iLottery 360° Solution is a comprehensive approach to iLottery gaming – and it works. Through this strategy, we have helped our lottery customers generate consistent growth and increased revenues from their interactive business while nurturing a new generation of lottery players. And as more states are learning, that adds up to stability and success.

NPi takes a holistic approach to the lottery environment, looking beyond technology to create player journeys that deliver value both to players and to the lottery. We work closely with lotteries to develop and deploy refined, tailored solutions that serve the interests of all stakeholders – retailers, lotteries, and players – and deliver the highest level of value to each.

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