NPi Customers

Collaborating For Success.

It’s one thing to simply sell a system – and quite another to provide the consultation, customization, service and support it takes to make it succeed. NeoPollard Interactive firmly believes that the greatest successes derive from shared objectives and long-term partnerships. Our lottery partners will attest that NPi is a committed, involved, caring collaborator in driving their success, sharing information and insights as an active participant in the ongoing growth of the program.

Michigan Lottery

The Michigan Lottery launched the NPi end-to-end interactive lottery solution-platform, games and services-in 2014. Total revenue reached $1 billion in Fiscal Year 2019, the Lottery’s 5th year of operations. In partnership with NPi, Michigan has become the most successful iLottery operation in North America and a benchmark for interactive lottery success.
The Michigan Lottery has embraced its position as a pioneer in the iLottery space, delivering several firsts to the U.S. iLottery industry in the process. These innovations include becoming the first iLottery operator in the U.S. to offer modern payment methods such as the Online Game Card and PayPal, launching retail convergence strategies with products and promotions that deliver an omnichannel experience to excite players and boost sales in both retail and online channels, and leveraging acquisition tactics like the introduction of an affiliate marketing program. This dedication to innovation and continuous improvement has engaged the Lottery’s players via multiple channels and has contributed to the Michigan Lottery’s enduring success.

Virginia Lottery

The Virginia Lottery first partnered with NPi in 2016 to provide an enhanced digital platform for draw game subscription services through NPi’s independent central gaming system and Player Account Management system. The eSubscription program enabled players to securely purchase subscriptions to Mega Millions, Powerball, and Cash4Life.
The Virginia Lottery has experienced impressive year-over-year growth through its eSubscriptions program, most recently posting a 65% increase in sales in FY19. In 2020, the Virginia Lottery and NPi expanded its longstanding partnership to deliver full online play capabilities in Virginia. By reconfiguring NPi’s existing solution, players now have the ability to buy same-day, single-tickets to their favorite draw games. This expansion also included the introduction of a new eInstant game vertical, which provides players with access to a comprehensive suite of NPi’s industry-leading eInstant games.

New Hampshire Lottery

In September 2018, the New Hampshire Lottery introduced to its players NPi’s iLottery solution- leveraging our sophisticated platform and our suite of managed services including Customer Engagement Marketing and Player Support, as well as games from our industry leading Games Studio.
With the introduction of its iLottery program, the New Hampshire Lottery is transforming the way in which it engages its most loyal players, in addition to attracting new audiences. Registered players can conveniently deposit funds to their digital wallets to play a wide variety of eInstant games, in addition to draw-based games such as Mega Millions and Powerball. The Lottery marked its one-year iLottery anniversary with $8.2 million in total net revenue, making it one of the highest performing states in terms of per capita iLottery sales.

North Carolina Education Lottery

In November 2019, the North Carolina Education Lottery successfully completed conversion of its existing online draw game solution and Player Loyalty Program to NPi’s omnichannel digital engagement solution. The Education Lottery’s completely integrated solution includes NPi’s NeoSphere player account management system, Pollard Banknote’s PlayON® player engagement platform, and a full-featured mobile application that will enable players to play certain lottery games, collect and redeem loyalty points, scan lottery tickets to check the winning status and/or enter promotions, access information about current lottery games, find a lottery retailer, and receive push notifications for jackpot alerts and promotional information.
In addition to state-of-the-art technology, NPi provides the Lottery with a full suite of Managed Services to support the Lottery’s Online Play and Player Loyalty System. NPi’s Customer Engagement Marketing team brings expert data-driven player insights and unified marketing-campaigns to drive player acquisition, conversion, and retention in support of broadening the Lottery’s player base and promoting player engagement.

“Michigan Lottery has achieved record success with its online games services, and has become the benchmark for North American lotteries looking to enter the digital space.”

Doug PollardCo-Chief Executive Officer, NeoPollard Interactive