NPi iLottery Services

Games Studio

NPi’s in-house Games Studio is a team of experienced designers and developers with proven success in creating some of the world’s most successful iLottery games. Naturally, each game is developed to NPi’s exacting standards for quality, playability, reliability, and player appeal. They’re made to appeal to active, on-the-go users eager to play on tablets and smartphones as well as computers. And they are built with personalization firmly in mind.

We offer various levels of flexibility in customizing our existing portfolio to your needs:

  • Off The Shelf
    These are ready-made games that undergo minimal customization such as logo replacement, changes to the game name, lottery-specific disclaimers, payout modifications and price point changes.
  • Customized
    Based on Off The Shelf games, we address minor design and multimedia changes, including minor graphic, animation or sound changes as well as minor game flow adjustments and changes in prize structure.
  • Makeover
    A thorough redesign of the visible game interface, including graphic design, sounds, animations, and flows.
  • Complex Makeover
    Brand-new games built from the ground up to meet your precise needs and specifications.
Neo Games Studio

The team of designers and developers behind some of the world’s most successful iLottery games.

NPi In-House iLottery Game Studio